Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happiness. It should be simple, smile a lot, laugh, surround yourself with the things and the people that you love. Sounds simple in theory, sure. But in reality it is so much more difficult. Sometimes happiness can dance into our lives and set up camp, taking our hand and walking with us like an old and trusted friend. Sometimes it briefly rushes by us so quickly we wonder if it was really there in the first place. And sometimes it is nowhere to be found and we spend our days looking under beds and in dark and dusty corners to see if we can find at least a trace of it. We spend so much time trying to find things that are going to make us happy. But in the end, happiness is not caused by material things. It's caused by the small, simple joys in life; watching a sun rise, hearing the giggles of a baby, feeling the warmth of another hand in our own. We just have to remember that, and next time happiness tries to rush past us without stopping, grab it, hold on to it and say 'No. This time your here to stay'

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