Sunday, October 31, 2010

From a letter..

'... It's that time of day where the flowers curl back into themselves.Why do they do that? I've always wondered why. I like to think that it's their way of protecting themsleves from the darkness of the night, their way of just turning off. Sometimes I wish I could do that too. Curl up and be safe until the light of the morning. Unfortunately, dear friend, the mind cannot be turned off so I am not safe... I'm laying amongst the green grass, feeling the light breeze and the last of the days sun shine on my back. It has been a wonderful spring day and I only wish that you were here to share it with me... Sometimes I run out of words and sometimes I don't know how to feel. I'm scared... I don't want to remember but I'm not sure how not too. I guess, my whimsical friend, I am just melancholy...'


  1. Hehe, same. I think it's rather refreshing to be melancholy.

  2. that is really beautiful, even though it is sad. it is beautiful too.

  3. Dear Emily,
    Thank you so much for entering my giveaway! and also for your song recomendation, I will be sure to listen to it very soon. and I will also be back to your blog when I can curl up with a cup of tea and the lights low, because I think that's the attention it deserves.
    Love, Clara

  4. this is tragically beautiful.

    and i love it.