Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sometimes things happen that really puts your own life into perspective.
This has happened to me recently, the tragic loss of someone I know, an encounter with someone I despise, that absolutely broke my heart, and then encountering that person again.. All in all, it has not been that nice.
So, what am I going to do about it?
I've decided that life is way too short for regrets, and that we don't appreciate the people and the things around us nearly as much as we ought too.
So, in saying that, I'm on a journey, I'm determined to discover the beauty absolutely everyday of my life. It may be something I've seen, heard or read about, a song, a person, a good thing.
I'm going to start appreciating the things that I'm not usually thankful for.
And so, my very first beautiful thing-
Today, it was something that happened to me.I was driving with my sister and we were out in fairly plain land, surrounded by fields and the sort. We drove past a paddock that had one single white horse in it. And for one second, the tiniest of moments, I thought that the horse had a horn on it's head. When I looked back, obviously it didn't. But, in that one moment it felt like magic did exist, that the things I used to believe in- the fairies, pixies and elves, were real again.
And  you know what?
It truly was beautiful.

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