Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wow it's been ages
Yes I am still alive. It's just been hectic lately and I haven't really had all that much to say. Currently, I am laying in my littelest nieces bunk bed, with my older niece above me snoring contentedly. It's these moments I'm thankful for. Being able to have such amazing, special little people in my life. It really is something incredible.
So, I've faced a few home truths lately, thought about done stuff that I've been avoiding and while it's still all a big mess, it's starting to seem a little clearer.
But, I'm sick! :( which sucks. I have a cold! In the middle of summer and in the middle of these ridiculous heatwaves we've been experiencing, I get sick. Trust.
Well, I'll be back real soon. I might do a post tomorrow or in the next few days with some photos! Yay! But for now, my eyes are having a hard time staying open.

Always be beautiful :)


  1. awe, i know exactly how you feel, that's how my daughter makes me feel. can't wait to see some photos :)

  2. love your sweet blog!! welcome back!