Friday, December 3, 2010

Do you know her?
She is the one with the flyaway hair, the one who sometimes stumbles around as if her world is spinning.
She thinks alot about everything.
She likes to take her time in life, smelling the roses and appreciating the little things.
She is sad, but tries her hardest not to be.

Today I brought a dress, which I'm planning on wearing to my nieces' joint birthday party tomorrow. Charlotte turned five yesterday and Sophie, one of my other nieces is turning two on the 19th, but because it is so close to Christmas, my sister is giving them both a party tomorrow. I must say, I absolutely love the dress, it has a zip right down the front, is the most perfect shade of pink and I absolutely adore the lace on the front. It was a bargain too, which just makes it that much better! See here-

Sorry about the shoddy quality of the photo, it makes it really hard to see, but I assure you, it is very nice.

In a way, I'm also dreading tomorrow a bit. These parties are somewhat nightmarish- I have to encounter someone that helped to destroy the girl I used to be. Usually my best friend, being part of our family now, comes along and is there for moral support, ensuring that I don't absolutely breakdown. But shes not going to be there this time. I'm going it alone. I just hope I'm strong enough. That's all.

Lets just pray the sun keeps shining and the birds keep singing.


  1. Very pretty dress to go with that great mood :)

  2. oh love, that dress is perfect, and as for the party, i really hope that the party goes okay. you can make it through. thinking of you.