Sunday, December 12, 2010

My results come tomorrow. At seven in the morning to be exact.
Im so scared. Ive had permanent butterflies this whole afternoon.

I'm watching P.S I Love You.. ♥

Of course I'm crying my eyes out.

I'm such a hopeless romantic.
Today, I walked past a Laundromat and through the window I saw a guy sitting by himself, reading a classic novel.
It melted my heart.

Stay beautiful, stay kind..


  1. ihope you achieve what you hoped for.

    snap with the hopeless romantic. except his irish accent is awful in in, i still love the movie

  2. i love that movie! and i can't wait to hear the results. i hope they're positive :-)

  3. I adore you.

    And you've long since gotten your results at this point, so I'm sorry for not wishing well sooner!

  4. can you believe that happen'd to me twice in the past months?
    sometimes I wish I had the courage to project myself there, see how he reacts, what's him made of.
    I don't know what kind of feeling is that called, but it sure gives me goosebumps.