Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Firstly, Happy Birthday to both one of my very best friends and one of my big sisters. :)

Second, I did get my results on Monday. They were meant to come at seven in the morning via text message, and of course, mine came late at 7.30! Most anxious half an hour of my life I reckon.
And I must say, I'm absolutely thrilled with them! I was expecting a much, much lower score than I got and its made it all worth it. I'm hoping that it will allow me to get into my dream Uni course, I'm a few points below but I'm hoping to get in on the fringe, so fingers crossed!

I havent really slept at all this week, what with the waiting for results, crafting half the night, sleepovers and many early starts! I think it's just caught up with me this afternoon, I've got a bit of a headache and my body is just aching all over. I'm planning on curling up on the couch this evening under my Christmas lights and reading my old copies of Frankie. The new one came out today but I havent had the chance to get it! So, the old ones will do me for now.

I will post some more photos soon, I've been so busy that I havent had a chance to upload them, but I did get some beautiful ones of the sky the other night, so stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations dear! I'm glad you did well. Sometimes just resting is the perfect sort of day, and reading under the Christmas lights sounds perfect.

    xx and hugs


  2. i am glad you did well! i knew it all along. can't wait to see the photos!

  3. you're so lucky you get to read Frankie!
    I only get their lovely mail.
    anyway, I'm glad you're happy and proud of your result.
    in the end you become very proud of all the hectic efforts, sleepless nights and days when everything turns out ok, right?